Stefan Sagmeister

An Assyrian lion sculpture rears up and roars on the cover of the 1997 Rolling Stones release, “Bridges to Babylon.” David Byrne of the Talking Heads appears as an action figure on his 1997 solo album, “Feelings.

Many viewers know Stefan Sagmeister’s work best through his witty album-cover designs. Now, the designer is the subject of a more traditional art showcase: an exhibition of his work at a Paris museum. The survey, cheekily titled “Stefan Sagmeister, Another Exhibit About Promotion and Sales Material,” opened Oct. 13 at the Musée des Arts Decoratifs. The show began in Switzerland and includes a wide swath of Mr. Sagmeister’s past commissions, as well as examples of his artwork and furniture.[Depicting the Rock of Ages ]

David Byrne의 솔로앨범 “Feelings” 커버를 디자인했던 Stefan Sagmeister에 관한 이야기다. 그의 다양한 작업들이 파리에서 전시될 예정이라고.