David Byrne, 뮤지컬 만든다

The Public이라는 극장에서 David Byrne과 Fatboy Slim이 팀을 이루어 만든 “Here Lies Love”란 제목의 뮤지컬을 무대에 올릴 계획이라고 한다. 필리핀의 대통령 부인이었던 이멜다 마르코스에 관한 내용인데, 이미 음반으로 출시된바 있다.

The Public said Monday that the former Talking Heads frontman and the British DJ will team up next April for “Here Lies Love,” a musical about former Filipina first lady Imelda Marcos.

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A rock opera on Imelda Marcos

His new album is possibly his oddest undertaking yet: a double CD rock opera about the rise and fall of Imelda Marcos. Over 22 songs, Here Lies Love describes Imelda’s journey from humble provincial girl to larger-than-life consort of Philippines dictator Ferdinand Marcos before their flight into exile in 1986. It comes with a 114-page book containing photos, lyrics and Byrne’s explanatory text, takes 90 minutes to listen to and knocks spots off Evita. 전문보기