Tom Tom Club, Dublin 공연 리뷰

The flip side and the legacy are so much brighter. On stage, Tina Weymouth sparkles with glowing youth. Chris Frantz is the happiest dude on the planet, owner of a perma-smile that is nothing short of contagious. And as a band Tom Tom Club perform in a groove that is eminently danceable – any attempt not to would be pure folly. Though playing tunes from two decades before last, Tom Tom Club perform as if they are fresh cuts – and they could be. ‘L’Elephant’ is perky quirk-pop, ‘The Man With The Four Way Hips’ is bouncy dub-reggae, ‘Disco Lolita’ is disco-punk (which they dedicate to Debbie Harry) and ‘Dark Sneak Love’ is synthy-electro – and the synths did squelch!

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아일랜드 더블린에서의 Tom Tom Club의 공연 리뷰

아일랜드 더블린에서의 Tom Tom Club의 공연 리뷰

Weymouth and Frantz have reactivated Tom Tom Club to celebrate the band’s 30th anniversary, but it’s not nostalgia that’s motivating them – they really want to connect with a younger audience who might appreciate their sharp dancefloor instincts and dub-disco vibes. The Vicar Street crowd is cruelly sparse, but, following an introduction by MC BP Fallon, the band lose no time getting the party started.


Tom Tom Club을 시작했을 때의 David Byrne과 Chris Frantz의 갈등

Tom Tom Club을 시작했을 때 이미 당신 둘과 David Byrne 사이에는 갈등이 있었는데, 그럼에도 Talking Heads가 10년이나 비틀거리면서도 지속되었습니다. TTC의 초기 싱글들의 상업적 성공이 TH를 지속시켰다고 생각하세요?
There were already tensions between you two and David Byrne when Tom Tom Club started, and yet Talking Heads still managed to stumble on for another decade. Do you think the commercial success of those early Tom Tom Club singles helped prolong the Heads?

CF : 네. 정말 그렇습니다. David이 언제나 TH 바깥에서의 경력을 추구하고 있었다는 것은 비밀이 아닙니다. 그는 그것을 그의 발전의 한 단계로 인식했을 뿐이죠. 그리고 난 우리가 첫 앨범에서 엄청난 레코드를 팔아치웠고, 방송을 많이 탔고, 사람들이 우리 노래들을 샘플링했다는 사실 때문에 David은 ‘오~ 이 친구들이 아직 내게 쓸모가 있구나’라고 생각했을 겁니다. 하! 그러나 David의 마음에 축복을. 우리가 함께 해낸 것은 정말로 놀랍고 뛰어난 것이기 때문에 난 정말로 그를 폄하하고 싶지 않아요. 그러나. 알잖아요. 누구도 완벽하진 않아요.
CF: It actually did, yes. It’s really no secret that David always had his sights set on a career outside Talking Heads – he felt like that was just one phase of his development. And I think the fact that we were selling tons of record on our first album, and getting lots of airplay, and having people sample our songs – that made David think, ‘Oh, maybe these people are still of value to me.’ Ha! But bless David’s heart, I don’t really want to disparage him because the stuff that we did together was so remarkable and outstanding… but, you know, nobody’s perfect.


Bringing the “Genius of Love” to a new generation

Tom Tom Club began when Weymouth and her husband, Chris Frantz (drummer for the Talking Heads), decided that “a drummer and a bassist were perfectly capable of coming up with an album. … We wanted something completely different [from Talking Heads],” Weymouth explains. “Something with dance music, a European sensibility. A different approach from macho rock guitar.”


Genius of Love에 관한 Chris Frantz의 생각

당신이 처음 “Genius of Love”를 쓰고 녹음할 때 혹시라도 이 곡이 거의 30년간이나 많은 아티스트들에게 엄청난 영향을 미치고 그 곡만의 리믹스 앨범을 가지리라고 생각했었나요?

우리는 언제나 우리 작업이 많은 이들에게 어필하길 원했지만 누가 “Genius of Love”가 힙합, R&B, 그리고 팝에 그런 영향을 미치리라 생각했겠어요. 그런 영향력을 갖는 것은 우리가 언제나 꿈꿔오던 것이긴 해요.


Tom Tom Club 공연 리뷰 中에서

Which brings us to the aforesaid hit, “Genius of Love.” This song was an absolute knock-out. What was formerly a love song to puppy love and youthful inspirations (like “James Browwwwn”) has now been imbued with a sense of reminiscing, of realizing how much they’ve grown even while they sing about “walkin, rockin and talkin” with boyfriends. This cute wrapper filled with serenity matched its singers–Weymouth and Clamp hopped around the stage in matching sequin mini-skirts and sneakers, but every time they came back to the chorus, they summoned a stately power that no schoolgirl could match.

Tom Tom Club 공연 리뷰 中에서(전문보기)

Q&A with Tom Tom Club’s Chris Frantz on new recordings, the genesis of “Love” and Talking Heads

Chris Frantz가 그들의 새 앨범과 공연에 대해 이야기하고 있다.(출처)

왜 하필 지금 라이브앨범인가? 특히 곡의 레퍼토리가 10년 혹은 거의 30년이나 지난 것들인데?
Chris Frantz: 우리는 지금 멤버들이 아주 좋다. 그리고 후세(posterity)를 — 그리고 번영(prosperity)을 위해 레코드하는 것이 좋겠다고 느껴졌다.(비슷한 발음을 가지고 일종의 말장난을 하는듯 : 역자주) 비록 난 음악 산업에서 바로 지금 부자가 된 어느 누구도 알지 못하지만 밴드 멤버들 중 몇몇은 거의 20년을 나갔다 들어왔다 하면서 우리와 함께 했다. 그리고 우리는 이것이 가치있다고 여겨졌다.