Chris Frantz 와 Tina Weymouth 의 인터뷰

Chris Frantz와 Tina Weymouth가 그들의 새 E.P. Downtown Rockers와 그들의 삶, 그리고 음악에 대해서 인터뷰를 가졌다.

It’s often said that a drummer and bass player have to be “married” to form a great rhythm section. But you and Chris actually are husband and wife! [Tina laughs] Does either one lead?

“The drums always lead. The drums work the band. A bass player follows the drummer – always. It doesn’t matter what band you’re in. You can’t do it any other way. I mean, Tricky tries to do it a different way, but Tricky’s Tricky. He is exactly what he says he is – he doesn’t do music, he does image.

“I mean, look at Ringo Starr. George Martin told The Beatles, ‘You’re great, but you’ve got to get another drummer. You’ve got to get a real drummer.’ And Ringo Starr was the real drummer. He kept a very lighthearted, humorous repartee going, but he worked that band. He was an artist. So yes, it’s always a chemistry that starts with the drums.”


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