Wild Belle

Wild Belle이란 듀오의 인터뷰에서 Chris Frantz와의 인연을 이야기하고 있다. 사운드가 Tom Tom Club을 연상시킨다.

EB: I was at work the other night, I work at this bar in Brooklyn called Zebulon and my phone rang. I picked up and this guy says, “Hello Elliot, this is Chris Frantz from Tom Tom Club…” That was like this thing that… he sounded like a Facebook message, like; “Hey, can you guys come up to the studio in a couple weeks? We are working on this new record and we would love to have you guys do something on it.” That was…

NB: …A really exciting moment because Tom Tom Club…Talking Heads… you know it is just some really, really brilliant musicians and now Chris is like; “Hey, if you guys want to lay down a track…” we are like: “Hell yeah!” He has a studio close to New York and that’s something we are excited about, potentially doing in the near future, working with them. As of now, we have sort of… the record has been very hands on. The two of us with some help from friends and the engineers at the studio, but we have molded and shaped this album that has become what it is, so it is exciting that we get to eventually share the work that we have done together with the world. But in the future, of course there are lots of artists that we would be excited about working with.

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