Stop Making Sense

The Daily Beast의 Ramin Setoodeh라는 칼럼니스트가 3D 콘서트 무비 Glee를 비판하면서 Stop Making Sense를 언급하였다.

The concert movie used to be a sacred art form. Jonathan Demme’s 1984 Stop Making Sense, about the Talking Heads, didn’t have much backstage footage either, but it’s often regarded as a pinnacle in the genre, because it treated its subjects with reverence. “It’s apparent that this is a rock concert film that looks and sounds like no other,” read the New York Times review by Janet Maslin. “The sound is extraordinarily clear, thanks to the pioneering use of 24-track digital recording. And the film’s visual style is as coolly iconoclastic as the Talking Heads itself. Mr. Demme has captured both the look and the spirit of this live performance with a daring and precision that match the group’s own.”

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