23 Movies Worth Saving (From the First 23 Years of My Life)

We are Movie Geeks라는 영화 블로그에서 “23 Movies Worth Saving (From the First 23 Years of My Life)”라는 제목의 글에서 Stop Making Sense를 리스트에 선정했다. 나머지 영화들도 충분히 공감이 가는 것들이라 기분이 좋다.

Considered by many to be one of the greatest rock concert movies of all time, STOP MAKING SENSE was filmed over three nights, chronicling concert performances by the band Talking Heads during their tour promoting their album SPEAKING IN TONGUES. The film, directed by Jonathan Demme, is acclaimed as the first movie made entirely using digital audio techniques. This movie is a truly enjoyable audio/visual experience featuring great music and innovative design. STOP MAKING SENSE deserves it’s place in the National Film Registry along side WOODSTOCK, but the same could also be said about GIMME SHELTER and THE LAST WALTZ.[전문보기]