Tom Tom Club, Dublin 공연 리뷰

The flip side and the legacy are so much brighter. On stage, Tina Weymouth sparkles with glowing youth. Chris Frantz is the happiest dude on the planet, owner of a perma-smile that is nothing short of contagious. And as a band Tom Tom Club perform in a groove that is eminently danceable – any attempt not to would be pure folly. Though playing tunes from two decades before last, Tom Tom Club perform as if they are fresh cuts – and they could be. ‘L’Elephant’ is perky quirk-pop, ‘The Man With The Four Way Hips’ is bouncy dub-reggae, ‘Disco Lolita’ is disco-punk (which they dedicate to Debbie Harry) and ‘Dark Sneak Love’ is synthy-electro – and the synths did squelch!

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아일랜드 더블린에서의 Tom Tom Club의 공연 리뷰

아일랜드 더블린에서의 Tom Tom Club의 공연 리뷰

Weymouth and Frantz have reactivated Tom Tom Club to celebrate the band’s 30th anniversary, but it’s not nostalgia that’s motivating them – they really want to connect with a younger audience who might appreciate their sharp dancefloor instincts and dub-disco vibes. The Vicar Street crowd is cruelly sparse, but, following an introduction by MC BP Fallon, the band lose no time getting the party started.