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Which brings us to the aforesaid hit, “Genius of Love.” This song was an absolute knock-out. What was formerly a love song to puppy love and youthful inspirations (like “James Browwwwn”) has now been imbued with a sense of reminiscing, of realizing how much they’ve grown even while they sing about “walkin, rockin and talkin” with boyfriends. This cute wrapper filled with serenity matched its singers–Weymouth and Clamp hopped around the stage in matching sequin mini-skirts and sneakers, but every time they came back to the chorus, they summoned a stately power that no schoolgirl could match.

Tom Tom Club 공연 리뷰 中에서(전문보기)

Tom Tom Club highlights final night

Tom Tom Club의 한 뮤직페스티발에서의 공연이 극찬을 받았다

The final night of this year’s MidPoint Music Festival belonged to Tom Tom Club, the most high-profile band that the event has booked to date.

Led by drummer Chris Frantz and bassist Tina Weymouth, a married couple who served as the rhythm section of Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club drew a large crowd to its Saturday-night outdoor show at Grammer’s in Over-the-Rhine.

The seven-piece band offered up crisp renditions of 30-year-old hit songs and other selections from a catalog in which the reverberations of both the new wave of the Talking Heads and the funk of George Clinton can be heard.


Tom Tom Club: Heads Above, Groove Below

This year, Frantz and Weymouth are taking Tom Tom Club — including two additional singers, Victoria Clamp and Jamaican-born Mystic Bowie, scratcher Kid Ginseng and keyboard/percussionist Bruce Martin — out for a few fall shows in advance of next year’s big 30th anniversary plans. The group is doing just 10 dates on the East and West coasts, including a headlining gig Saturday night at the MidPoint Music Festival.

How’d Cincinnati get so lucky? It turns out Frantz has close roots in the region. He and Weymouth even got married at a Presbyterian church in Washington, Ky., a historic settlement along the Ohio River near Maysville, in 1977.

“I was born in Fort Campbell because my dad was in the Army — he was a West Pointer,” Frantz says by phone from his home. “My mother is from Kentucky and my grandfather and grandmother retired to Washington. My grandfather was born and raised there, and he went back and bought the house he grew up in and restored it. My mom donated it to some people who were starting a museum.”


The Beat Of The Tom Toms

If you’re a music lover, you’ve probably had the chance to experience brainy lyrics and brawny music. But rarely at the same time. Troubling, right? It’s cool. The Tom Tom Club has your back. They’ll be bringing their genius for funky rhythms, kooky, thought-provoking words and the best party atmosphere this side of George Clinton, when they rock the Fairfield Theatre Company on Sept. 21 and 22.

According to drummer Chris Frantz, this gig and tour will also right a record-release wrong.

“We recorded a live album in October 2001, not long after the horrible events in September,” Frantz said recently. “We thought it would be a good way to do something positive and fun and might help counteract the sadness and confusion after 9/11.”


Tom Tom Club의 새 라이브 앨범 “Genius of Live”

Tom Tom Club의 새 라이브 앨범 “Genius of Live”가 미국에서 9월 출시 예정

사용자 삽입 이미지

CD1 “Live at the Clubhouse”

1. Genius of Love
2. She’s Dangerous
3. Wordy Rappinghood
4. Time to Bounce
5. Punk Lolita
6. The Man with the 4-Way Hips
7. As Above so Below
8. Suboceana
9. Who Feelin’ It
10. Happiness Can’t buy Money
11. Holy Water
12. Band Introduction

CD2 “The Genius Remixes”

1. Genius of Love (Money Mark Remix)
2. Genius of Love (Ozomatli Remix)
3. Genius of Love (Bitman Dub Remix)
4. Genius of Love (The Pinker Tones Remix)
5. Genius of Love (Kinky Remix)
6. Genius of Love (Monareta Remix)
7. Genius of Love (MIS Remix)
8. Genius of Love (Poncho Remix)
9. Genius of Love (Isa GT Natural Fun Remix)
10. Genius of Love (King Coya Remix)
11. Genius of Love (Senor Coconut Atomtom Remix)