Jerry Harrison, 가장 위대한 기타리스트 100인 중에 뽑히다

SPIN에서 “SPIN’s 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time”이라는 특집기사를 냈다. 언제나 그렇듯이 이런 기사는 심심풀이 땅콩으로 보면 좋을 기사인데, 여하튼 Jerry Harrison이 70위에 선정되어서 소식을 전한다.

70 Jerry Harrison
Harrison is a Harvard grad who started out laying power-pop brick alongside Jonathan Richman in Modern Lovers before finding his way into Talking Heads, New York post-punk pioneers who managed to take rhythmic genre-pureeing experiments to breathtaking pop heights. Harrison in particular, though, developed a spasmodic, spidery brand of guitar minimalism that would serve as indie (bed)rock for decades to come, inspiring the likes of Dirty Projectors, Vampire Weekend and TV on The Radio.
Most Heroic Moment: The agitated fever-funk riff of 1977’s “New Feeling” D.B.

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